Sunday, May 21, 2006

It was brought to my attention yesterday that when women enter a profession that was formerly the domain of men, men flee. Whether the position then lacks prestige, or the women's willingness to work for a decreased wage is the cause is unclear. However, it sucks.

Now, in a religious community, where the church has increasing difficulty finding male fuel for its theological furnace, you'd think low-wage accepting women could be a solution. But no. Women are denied this option. Is it because there is such a fear of men running far, far away?

It is clear why the theological patriarchy is unafraid of its women packing their shit and leaving... women are socialized from a very early age to believe that being outcast is worse than death. Being alone, being lonely, being unloveable, is the ultimate death of the soul. To stand up, to state one's opinion that the system is completely bogus, may well indeed result in being cut off, from one's work, one's family, one's friends, one's very community (both literal, and the broader religious community). To be Luther, and nail one's list of grievances on the door of the cathedral takes a woman of steel, backed by many other women of steel, who then decide NOT to tear her down in order to prove their own allegiance and attempt to secure their own place deep inside the circle, but to nail their own lists, until the limestone is covered with lists.

It's coming boys. Maybe not this year, maybe not the next, but if you don't learn to share your toys one morning you will wake up and have to cook your own damn breakfast.
All this said, and believed. But ultimately I DO believe in sharing. I WANT the religious leadership to stop running about with their hands over their ears, I want them to ditch their own fear. Ultimately, I do believe that individuals can work as partners, and that communities can accept the gifts of all members, regardless of gender. There is a deep dark current of fear and hurt, as long as you pretend that it is not there it only grows. Facing fear, one realizes that it really isn't all that scary after all. Facing hurt, one can begin to heal.


Blogger Miriam said...

I feel a revolution coming on. And damn! It's gonna be a good one!

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