Monday, August 28, 2006

Ahhhh... the great sports corset debate of ought-six. Frankly, I'm with Twisty on this one.

What stands out to me, when reading both the responses on thecherrywench's
livejournal, and the entry by randombird (which Twisty's already weighed in on), is the idea of going to the gym to be looked at. And why shouldn't one wind time back a hundred years to when men did the courting and women suffered from hysteria and the vapours.

Seriously everyone, is it that important to be "looked at" ALL the time? Isn't it ok to have some time off? Say, when you're sweatin' buckets at the gym? There are plenty of other places and ways to show off your body/flexibility/whatever *sigh* There is no need to blog about every sordid detail, live on constant webcam, have a reality-show-of one.


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